Sand Services

Sulaiti Sands manufacture a wide range of dried and graded sands... 
From very fine sands to large pebble sizes, Sulaiti Sands caters to the needs of our customers whether they be big or small. No matter what end use you require, Sulaiti Sands can manufacture sand to meet your specifications.

Standard Grade Sizes:

7mm, 5mm, 4mm pebbles
716 & 1016
-16, 1630, -18, -24, -30, 3060, -50


Synthetic Sport Surfaces: 
If you require sand for application on synthetic sports surfaces such as tennis courts, hockey fields, putting greens and athletic tracks then you'll probably require a fine grade of sand. Our -30 and -18 are perfect for such applications.

Protective Floor Surfaces:
If you need to put the finishing touches on a protective floor surface and you require a coarse finish then our 1016 and 716 Flooring Grades are what you need. For a finer finish we recommend either the -18, -24 or -30 grades. To begin the job you'll need sub-fill to even the level of the floor. Our 7mm or 5mm pebbles are ideal for the job.

Standard pool filters usually require a fine to medium grade of sand. Depending on your requirements grades approximating 1630 in size are perfect

Depending on the texture you require Sulaiti Sands can supply you with sand grades ranging from Silica Flour -300 to 716. See Blending if you require us to mix the sand for you to your specifications.

Other Applications:
Our sands are used in numerous other industries. No matter what your requirement we will be more than happy to handle your enquiry , and attempt to provide a sand that meets your needs.